NicoBella's | Brian K. Tedeschi
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Brian K. Tedeschi

Co-Owner & Chef

Brian Tedeschi is a native of Clinton Massachusetts and has lived most of his life in Rhode Island. Having grown up in North Providence, and attending schools there, Brian met Daniel Crenca at Lymansville Elementary school. Little did he know this friendship initiated over 40 years ago would culminate into the most gratifying endeavor he has always hoped to pursue.


Brian has a multitude of business experience that spans almost three decades in the manufacture of extruded, thermoformed, and injection molded products. Brian’s expertise in this role ranges in department management, systems operation, purchasing, logistics, and quality assurance. Brian has an Associate in Science in Business.


Brian’s true passion is in Culinary Arts. From his early exposure at age 13 dishwashing, prep at Bell Farm Steakhouse, Banquet set-up and service for Giuliano’s Catering, to firmly planting the seed completing a summer CETA training program sponsored by the College of Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales University. From here, Brian worked for a variety of restaurants in Rhode Island and honed his skills on regional Italian Cuisine. Brian has worked at Valle’s Steakhouse, Capriccio, My Father’s Pub, Panache, The Little Inn, Carrie’s of Providence and Sealights Family Restaurant. Brian kept his skills sharp by working throughout his manufacturing career at Carrie’s and most recently as Dinner Chef at English Muffin in Johnston.


Brian is currently fulfilling his crown achievement goal as working partner and co-owner of Nico Bella’s Family Restaurant with long-time friend Daniel Crenca. He is married to his wife and friend of 20 years Early Childhood Teacher Nancy, and has a son Nathan, and daughter Sarah.